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the way that you.

The way that you got me mesmerized
When I see no one else
The way you got me distracted
Till I find myself staring
At you

I don't even know your name
You've never even looked my way

I can't make you notice me
I can't let you know how much I think
That you're the one for me
The way that you dance
The way your passion flows through
Oh girl, I'm captivated, by you


usain bolt's olympic record for 100m sprint - 9.683 seconds.
michael phelps' olympic record for 100m butterfly - 49.82 seconds.

men are made to live on land, definitely.

but still, i love swimming. i love being in the water, enjoying that brief moment of weightlessness before i burst off with a kick in any direction i want. up down left right, it doesn't matter. i love being able to do whatever i want in the water, unrestrained by gravity. i just love swimming.

however the difference in practicing regularly and being out of practice becomes most noticeable when you've tried both. thankfully swimming isn't one of those things you need to keep doing so that you don't forget how. but the difference is painfully obvious. i couldn't even continuously 'sprint' for 50m without running out of breath. a couple of laps and i tire. i used to do a few 100m 'sprints' at 1 go. and i remember ever doing a 4km stretch, which equates to 80 lengths. i can't remember if i did the 10km though. that would mean 200 lengths. still, i timed myself just for fun. 00:57:50 for 50m. that's not so bad at all, overlooking my tiredness after that. it would have surely more than doubled if i were to do 100m, i.e. exponentially. but still. i love swimming.

the moon.

ever so often i get this really really bright and normally full moon shining onto my face when i suddenly wake for no apparent reason around 4.30-4.45. it's really pretty, white and bright and shiny all. it shines onto my pillow for like what, 20 minutes? before it moves down my bed. i'm guessing not many people get to have a nice moon shine onto their pillows and faces like i do. it's a privilege really, sometimes i think it's a gift. i tried to show other people but not everyone gets a chance to see the moon in all its grandeur. pity, really. i can't not talk about it cause it's really gorgeous. a moon like that should be seen by everyone at least once in a lifetime. sigh ):

beliefs and true beliefs.

there is a stark difference between beliefs and forced beliefs. yes, you can force a belief. for example, throwing in first names in conversations to add an air of friendliness. if you're not convinced that it would, just feel that it should, and thus do it, it is certainly different than if you're convinced it would. it's hard to explain. i'm losing my train of thought, hmm.

i term true beliefs as conviction, for clarity.

convictions only come from within, when you've tried it for yourself. someone holds open the door for you, you appreciate it. the next time, you'll hold the door for someone else. if mummy tells you to hold open the door cause its polite, chances are you'll make an effort to, but might forget because you don't see the difference.

in a way it is sort of a pretense. doing things that are not really you. believing in things that you don't. doing things that you would do against doing things that are termed right to do. even dressing in a certain way? it may seem right to match this and that but if it's not you, it'd still be weird, no?

ah, cliffhanger.


very very very very tired ): i just came home from work at 2, left work at 1.30. gosh. working till so late still seems insane no matter how many times i do it.

was at the changi water reclamation plant opening ceremony today, i got to see THE PM and A PM. i saw mr lee hsien loong and i saw a Pretty Meimei. HAHAHA. yeah, one of the waitresses from Lavish Dine was quite pretty. either sec 4 or JC cause she was holding a blue ezlink card. no i'm not a stalker and no i didn't steal her wallet, i saw it when she was asked to show some identification for some reason.

oh oh, something exciting happened! when we were driving back after finishing the seemingly-never-ending-packing, some of the baseplates and sandbags on our other lorry in front of us dropped! wth. scared me. lucky we weren't too close, then i alighted, picked it up and put it back onto our own lorry. lol. scaryyyyy sialx.

oh yes, ayam penyet rocks ttm. think everyone should eat it forever and ever.


hello, i came back from prawning a while ago at EbiCulture which is somewhere near to kovan (: it's quite an awesome place and i had a lot of fun prawning with ETG as a company event. hahaha. sad to say though the course i'm going through these 2 days are quite.. longwinded. for want of a better word. haha. guess i should bring people go prawning soon! really v fun, although it's not that cheap. prepare your money people!!

pics another time, very very tired. i'm potentially free on sat, so it might be then :P

exciting day :D

haha, today, by a fluke, i ended up walking down mount faber, enjoying the scenery and nature with the dslr. hee.

then i headed home, then dinner at stretch appreciation where i did most of the cooking and kind of got lost on the way there. haha. pics for stretch appreciation and stretch next time. tired alr. :P

right, take photos i will. thanks for the invitation :D

starting the hike!

i stand out from the rest because He lives in me (:

He is the vine and we are the branches.

i will stand up tall for Him.

i choose to be different and set apart.

even though the world may fade away.

sometimes we need someone to point our way.

and the way usually isn't an easy one.

through the arbor.

Jun. 3rd, 2009

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thanks for remembering, haha. appreciate it. (:


hi. i like ____. :D

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